Yard Signs: Final Vote

Or Window Signs!

Review Community,

As you may remember, last week on October 5 we endorsed the Democratic ticket and, with a83, launched a small project to help as we might: mobilize designers across our community to make yard signs.

(VOTE! by Laura Coombs)

Since then we have received some amazing submissions and have, through an instagram contest, narrowed them down to nine excellent options. We do not have enough resources to print all of them, so we will be printing the ones that accumulate the most orders by the end of today. We will be printing the first batch on Thursday.

To make an order - and therefore vote on which designers are chosen to go into production - please go here: nyra.nyc/yardsigns

Whichever ones receive the most orders by the end of today will go into production.

- Nicolas


We are giving the yard signs out for free - that is only possible because friends of the Review and a83 are donating funds to foot the bill. None of our regular budget - subscription or sponsorship revenues - is being used for this decidedly political project. If you would like to support the project, please venmo a donation to @nyra_signs. $25 pays for 5 signs. $100 for 20 signs, and a limited edition print.


Yes, for the many city dwellers in our readership: you can also put a yard sign in your window.