The New York Review of Architecture is a cooperative of working writers, architects, and artists who review architecture, in New York.


New York
reviews architecture, in New York
Anna Gibertini
fully destroyed by postmodernism
Anna Talley
Anna Talley is a writer/researcher interested in modern and contemporary design. She's currently based in Edinburgh.
Emily Conklin
Emily is a Manhattan-based poet and design historian. Her writing combines urban spatial theory with poetic observation.
Matthew Allen
Matthew Allen is writer and educator who researches the history and theory of architecture, computation, and aesthetic subcultures.
Osvaldo Delbrey Ortiz
Not quite an architect, not quite a writer, in New York.
Gideon Fink Shapiro
Critic and historian. Architecture, landscape, urbanism.
AJ Artemel
I am a writer, geographer, and designer.
Brenda Zhang (Bz)
Brenda Zhang (Bz) is a visual artist and architectural designer who makes paintings, sculptures, installations, and architecture on Tongva land (Los Angeles).
Nicholas Raap
Illegal Architect // Writer + Designer in NYC //
Palmyra Geraki
Licensed architect and educator, founder and principal at Palmyra PLLC, Adjunct Assistant Professor at UIC, Greek.
Sebastián López Cardozo
Designer and writer in Houston and Toronto. Views my own.
Tiffany Xu
Contributor/Guest-Editor to NYRA
Marianela D'Aprile
I write about the things I see.
Tyler Survant